Departure from Molivos harbor at 10.30 am.
After passing the caves of Molivos you will cruise along the beautiful coastline to a small secluded sandy bay, not accessible by road , where you can swim and snorkel, the captain can provide equipment if required.Whilist you spend time in the bay the captain and his wife will prepare the BBQ for you.When it is ready , the food is served on board.If you are not wishing to swim you can stay on board and relax on the upper deck sun-lounge a chance to use the slide on the boat all day!.
Meal includes : 2 souvlaki,baked potatoes, tzatziki,salad,feta cheese,olives,bread and free wine.
For children there are soft drinks.

Skala Sikamias


After the fascinating trip along the beautiful coastline on board we visit the traditional sishing village of Skala Sikamias with the famous church of Saint Mary the Mermaid and the picturesque square with its bustling tavernas.Kagia beach very close and is ideal for swimming snorkeling.

Every day ,departures from Petra at 09.30am and Molivos Harbor at 10.30am and return from Skala Sikaminias at 15.30pm.


Skala Sikamias by night

Admire the scenery as you leisurely cruise along the coast to the ancient fishing village of Skala Sikamia.
In Skala Sikamia you can enjoy a meal (not included in price) at the tavernas of the village while watching the romantic sun set.
Departures from Petra at 17,30pm and Molivos at 18.00pm
Return at 22.00pm to Molivos.

Ideal opportunity for fisherman and novices.Tha captain will take you to a spot where you can catch fish.The crew will be on hand with advice for beginners.
Captain will supply all lines,hooks and baits, and you may keep your catch if you wish.
Departures from Molivos harbor at 18.00pm and Petras harbor at 18.30pm return at 21.00.

Sunset in MolivosSUN SET CRUISE
Cruise to see the caves of Molivos and the famous Sunset of Petra.
Views of Petra ,Anaxos the Rabbit island and of course stunning Molivos.
This is a short trip ideal for families and a must for all romantics!!!
Departure at 19.30p, and return at 21.30